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Startup-bootcamp.ca Introduction

Starting your own business in reality is an uphill battle.  It may look easy in the beginning.  You see a lot of smaller and bigger businesses around, they all make money and you want to do the same.  You have an idea, it is a good one, and you want to make money as a part-time for a start or full time straight away.

Then reality hits and you learn hard way that there is a lot more behind running business than you thought.

That’s where Startup-Bootcamp comes in.  To prepare you through series of training sessions covering all aspects of starting and running small business, of how to start and not fail and be successful.  There is a lot more to it than seen with bare eye.

Even if you learn that your venture may not succeed, or are overwhelmed with all what is required, and give up on the idea, we will consider it a success.  Changing your mind in time before you swim too far into deep water will save you from a lot of headaches, financial liabilities, and hardship.

What Startup Bootcamp Offers

Startup Bootcamp – training sessions delivered by professionals in their field relating to starting and running your own business from getting the idea down and creating business plan, through managing finances, and how to present your business on the web, to different ways of advertising.  Find more at the Bootcamp page

Web Development Bootcamp – no need to know anything of how to develop your own web site, or to be computer literate.  From the idea, into planning, registering your own domain and parking it on the web, choosing website building software, designing layout, creating pages and categories, entering information, to have fully functional web site presenting your business, information about your products and services, and selling your products.  Find more at the Bootcamp page

Meet the expert meetings – organized meetings with time allocated for networking, but most time spent on discussions of different aspects of running business.  Discussions on the different topics chosen by attendants.  Everybody is an expert in a particular field, social media, communicating through distributing email system, building spreadsheet, or Internet research etc.

Startup-Bootcamp differs from most of the meetup groups meeting where you sit in the noisy atmosphere and just mingle with other people.

Resources – this web site offers a lot of resources with different links, training and education videos, and listing of businesses which can offer assistance towards your business needs.

Support and networking – nobody lives alone in the world.  People learn from each other.  If you join startup-bootcamp.ca you become a member of the community.  You will help others with their problems and get assistance with yours.