About Us

Why Do We Do It?

Because it is hard to find organization with ongoing training, organized meetings and geared towards continuous activities helping new and established small businesses in succeeding.  There are quite a few providing seminars from time to time, difficult to trace what is happening end when, and it can takes long time to learn what is needed to successfully operate business.

There are presentations, seminars and meetings north of the river in Edmonton, not much is happening in the south side.  To fill up the void, www.startup-bootcamp.ca was created to help businesses which start and operate with information and training to start, survive, and prosper in the business endeavor.

How we do it

To give new and operating business entrepreneurs full set of tools helping to start own business from the scratch, not to make mistakes, survive, and prosper.  For existing operators to provide help and tools to advance, to make their businesses more successful, sustainable, and profitable.

Meet the Experts meetings.  Everybody in an expert in some field.  Discussion and advice from experienced members to those needing help in some specific area.  Exchange or knowledge and experiences.

Presentations by specialists in their field giving expert advice on different topics.  And at the beginning and end of the meetings there will be time to network and exchange of business cards.

More information about topics can be found at the BootCamp page.

Contact information:

General inquiry  –   info@startup-bootcamp.ca

Web site inquiries – admin@startup-bootcamp.ca

Cezary Giluk    –     cezary@startup-bootcamp.ca


Cezary Giluk – Program Development Coordinator

I tried different businesses, more or less successful, fortunately I didn’t loose too much.  Many years ago I went through two weeks “Business Accelerator Program” organized by Business Advisory Center in Hamilton, Ontario.  It gave me great knowledge of how to start and not to fail in my endeavors and this knowledge helped a lot.  I started computer business and operated for three years.  Then life plans changed and I moved forward.  Nowhere else I have found similar program giving extended knowledge in different aspects of starting your business, finances, advertising, communicating, sales techniques and many more aspects of starting and operating your own business, and most important – not too fail.  I would like to share my experience and knowledge with others utilizing available resources.

Currently I operate www.oscts.ca.  Over 750 online courses in over 50 different categories.  Took a while to build it up, and it works.  I cannot claim 6 figures income from it, but it supports me.  And what is most important, it is growing, getting better, and my customer base and sales are expanding.