Membership Has It’s Privileges

What it costs and what you get.

  • Members – Participation in all meetings, presentations and seminars included.  Access to all content and training materials. 
  • Listing on Our Members page – One time fee of $50.00 to create listing on Our Members page as your own page, see examples at Our Members page.  Free  hosting of your page so long as you are a paid member.  No charge to small modifications, major re-build of your page is just $20.00.
  • Startup Boot Camp – Participation in meetings free to Members.  Boot camp includes multiple sessions with different aspects of starting and operating your own small business.  For existing businesses knowledge can improve performance.  More information can be found at Bootcamp page

How much it costs:

  • is a business association and you should be able to claim membership dues as your business expense
  • First month is just $1.00 so you can learn if is for you, and then $19.95 per month  (it comes to just $4.60 per week).  As a membership of business association you should be able to put it as a taxable expense of your business.  You can cancel at any time.

Pay as you go

You do not have to register as a Member to attend meetings or training sessions, just come in and learn what and how we do (first meeting is free), and then you can decide if you wan to join.  If you decide that it is not for you, you still can come to meetings, however nothing comes for free.  The charges for attending are:

  • $10.00 per single meeting
  • $10.00 per presentation or training seminar

Listing of business at Associates page

Fill up Members Registration  (listing on Our Members page available only to registered Members) and email to

Fill up Short Survey to give organizers better picture of your needs and participation in the meetings and email to

You have our personal guarantee that your personal information will not be sold, distributed or otherwise shared with any organization, body or person.  Only your business details listed on this web site will be available to others.