Bookkeeping Spreadsheet


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Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

Before using the spreadsheet make a copy, do not use original

This spreadsheet is for small business which does not need to use bookkeeping program.  Calculates expenditure and income, and taxes (GHT, HST etc.) on quarterly bases with numbers ready to enter into your quarterly tax return.  If you do your sales taxes and tax return once a year, it calculates also yearly numbers.

It took hours to develop and $25.00 will safe you a lot of time giving you ready to use spreadsheet, or you can modify it if there is a need for different classes of expenditure or income.

Check with your accountant regarding percentage for usage of your phone, internet services or how much of the rent payments you can claim to the tax.

Spreadsheet was triple tested for accuracy, test it for functionality and calculations.

Nobody takes any kind liability regarding accuracy functionality of the spreadsheet, and any losses arising from usage of the spreadsheet, use it at your own risk

Refund policy

There is no refund on purchase